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Jam is one of our favorite sweet spreads, on a fresh, crispy slice of bread with a light layer of butter. SHOW MORE


Gross Weight: 700gr i

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Jam is a sweet made from fruit boiled with sugar. Its special feature is the pulp of the fruit. According to Nikólaos Tselementés, jam belongs to the category of spoon sweets, along with mushes and compotes. The jam differs from the spoon sweet, which contains pieces of fruits in syrup, from the compote containing fruits in a lighter form of syrup, and from the jellies and mushes consisting mainly of cooked fruit juice.

Jam, like all sweets made with fruit, sugar, and water, serves both for the preservation and long-term use of fruit after the end of its fruiting, and for the consumption of fruits that cannot be eaten raw, due to taste (eg. eg quince), but also for the consumption of parts of the fruit that we normally throw away such as the citrus peel.

Generally, the preparation of the jam requires syrup first, if the fruit or parts of it used do not contain sufficient liquid, such as citrus peel jams. It requires almost no water if its fruit or portions contain enough, such as in apple flesh marmalade.

Success in these sweets lies mainly in the preservation of the color and the taste of the fruits we use.

Variations are made by adding portions of the fruit that were used, later, to avoid being mushed from boiling.

Like all similar sweets, jam can be stored for a long time in sterile jars. The addition of glucose can also help to prevent this from going bad.

Jam can be used as a breakfast spread, but it also serves as an ingredient in making other sweets such as pasta flora.

Per 100 g
Energy 258 kcal
1097 kj
▶ of which saturated
0,03 g
0,00 g
▶ of which sugars
64,29 g
46,44 g
Protein 0,16 g
Salt 0,02 g
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  • Cherry 45%, sugar, glucose syrup, gelling agent (pectin), acid (citric acid).

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