This text constitutes an agreement, concluded between you (hereinafter client/ user of the website) and the company with the brand name situated in Paralia, Katerini, that is the owner and administrator of the website

The client/ user of the company shall carefully read this agreement and make sure that he/she agrees with the following general terms, which regulate the browsing, access and use of this website as long as any further use, browsing and access to the website and our e-shop, the use of any service provided by it and/or the fulfillment of any transaction through it entail the explicit and unconditional acceptance of them, without prejudice to all rights of the client/user.

The company shall reserve the right to unilaterally amend part or all terms of this agreement at any time and without prior notice and every amendment shall enter into force following its publication, namely its posting on this website. It is explicitly specified that any amendment or change of the terms does not apply on orders already placed by the client/user.

The terms of this contract were conclusively updated on 24/06/2019.


i) Website/site: the website is defined as a collection of individual web pages.
ii) Buyer: any client/user showing interest in purchasing a product, shown on the website and performing an order/electronic purchase of this product by cash-on delivery or any other explicitly stated payment method.
iii) Registration: any application of the client/user to us to create an account at the company.

Website services/ Process & Purchase terms through e-shop

i) The website is an Internet site through which our company promotes, shows, describes and analyses, advertises and sells its products (e-shop).
ii) REGISTRATION & USER ACCOUNT: No registration is required to access and browse this website. However, this is essential in order for the client/user to express his/her interest in purchasing a product (place an order) and finally complete this purchase, by choosing the delivery and payment method. By signing up in this website, namely by filling in the relevant form with the mandatory fields (e-mail, full name, username, password etc.), the client/user creates a personal account that he/she may watch and manage at any time. We may, at any time and at our discretion, without prior notice deactivate or delete a customer/user account, shall any malicious use or use of bad faith of this website occur. The maintenance of more than one accounts is explicitly prohibited when it comes to the same client/user. To enter an account/profile each client/user is required to fill in a valid e-mail, at which all information messages/replies are sent by our company as well as the password that was given at his/her registration. The preservation of the confidentiality of the password lies under the sole responsibility of the client/user. In case of interception, unauthorized use or loss of the aforementioned code the client/user shall immediately and under his/her care and responsibility inform us in writing by sending an e-mail at: [email protected]
iii) PURCHASES: This website hosts the e-shop of our company. Our products are divided into categories to be easily found by the client/user.

The client/user is informed about the availability of our products by the respective written indications. Our e-shop includes available products, with the indication "Buy now" and not available products with the indication "Keep up to date". Following delivery the Buyer shall unbox and check all ordered products and inform the company in case of a mistake or defects.

i) We are in no way responsible for the availability, the content and the terms of use of other websites to which the client/user is redirected by using the respective hyperlinks or the advertising banners that appear on this website. The client/user browses through the aforementioned sites under his/her care and responsibility and we bear no responsibility regarding any loss or damage caused by this browsing or use.
ii) We bear no responsibility about the cover of any kind of claims of third parties, that may arise regarding the use, copy or forgery of this website or of its contents by third unauthorized parties.
iii) We make every effort possible and show diligence to achieve the proper and uninterrupted functioning of this website. However, we cannot guarantee that this website does not contain digital viruses and the access to it will not be suspended, restricted or paused at any time due to a problem of the servers that host us. Thus, the company does not have any civil or criminal liability for any damage (incidental, special or consequential which specifically and not indicatively, alternatively and/or cumulatively consists of loss of profits or data, lost profits, compensation etc.), due to a reason connected with the use of this website or the inability of the client/user to have access to it, the discontinuance of all or part of it, non-delivery, interruption or poor quality of services or loss of content, existence of any kind of errors, omissions or typing errors, that have escaped the notice or have arisen unintentionally.
iv) We are not liable for any event of default, arising from this contract, which cannot be fulfilled or performed properly due to force majeure.
v) Pre-ordering a product cannot guarantee its availability but guarantees the timely information of the final consumer regarding its unavailability. We are not liable for any further damages that may arise due to performance or not of the orders or due to a delay in performance, for any reason whatsoever.

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