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Vanilla Submarine Sweet with Chocolate | Kandy's

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A vanilla submarine is the favorite dessert of kids and adults, known in Greece as "vanilla" as well. Vanilla is usually served with a glass of cold water to go with its sweet taste, even "sink" your vanilla in it! SHOW MORE

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One typical Greek spoon sweet is the snow-white and intensely aromatic vaníllia which is not made of vanilla, but of mastic resin, for which the Aegean island of Chios is famous. This is usually served as a spoonful of sweet on a tablespoon dropped into a tall glass of ice-cold water and popularly called "βανίλια υποβρύχιο", a "vanilla submarine".

It is a thick, white, sweet paste made industrially by beating mastic resin with table sugar. When cold, it has the consistency of hard caramel candy: it is meant to be licked like a lollipop as, at body temperature, it gradually becomes softer and more chewable. The Greek diaspora introduced this treat to other countries as far away as Japan.

It is regarded as the official sweet of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

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