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Pitas Greek with corn flour x8 | Elviart

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Have you tried Premium Elviart pie with corn flour? Every fluffy bite will remind you of the irresistibly natural taste of blonde corn and golden wheat! The authentic art of.. souvlaki and Greek Gyros! SHOW MORE

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About Elviart:

Since 1952, we have been preparing delicious, soft pita bread for souvlaki with tender loving care and the best fresh ingredients. We are dedicated to quality and taste, and our authentic craft is now “travelling” to dozens of countries as we export our products further afield in the world of pita breads. And this journey has whetted our appetite – for even more great food.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Pita is a fresh baked product, always arrive at your place with 2-3 days of residual shelf life. If the products are not consumed within few days, we strongly recommend you to freeze the products in order to keep inaltered the taste and the quality. Pita can be refrigerated for additional 12 months.

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