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Green Olives with Oregano | Gaitatzi

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The olive is a kind of fruitful tree in the family of Oleaceae, which is broadly found in the Mediterranean Basin, in countries such as Italy, Spain, and Greece. Its fruit is also called olive and olive oil is produced from it. According to ancient Greek tradition, the home of the olive is Athens and the first olive tree was planted by Greek Goddess Athena in Acropolis. SHOW MORE

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The olive was the symbol of the Greek Goddess Athena.  It is known from ancient times and its origins are probably based in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Greeks were the first people who cultivated the olive in the European Mediterranean public. The olive is the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, as a fruit but also because olive oil is produced from it.

The olive fruit is a great source of monounsaturated fatty acids. Hippocrates, the father of medical science, describes it as the perfect medicine. In rescued projects of his, more than 60 pharmaceutical and medical uses of the olive oil, are found.

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