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The favorite Greek coffee. With an exquisite, high-quality blend, rich aroma, delicately named after 1919. Greek coffee is coffee prepared using very finely ground coffee beans, unfiltered. Greek coffee refers to a method of brewing very finely ground coffee. Any coffee bean may be used; arabica varieties are considered best, but robusta or a blend is also used. The beans must be ground to a very fine powder, which is left in the coffee when served. The coffee may be ground at home in a manual grinder made for the very fine grind (home electric grinders are not suitable), ground to order by coffee merchants in most parts of the world, or bought ready-ground from many shops. SHOW MORE

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Preparation of perfect Greek coffee:
1. Pour the coffee lukewarm water, using it as a measure of the cup itself.
2. Stir well, at the same time, and remove the pot when a ring is formed in the center of the pot.

For thin cream, we pour the coffee in the cup from above and for rich, from the bottom. To make a cup of Greek coffee 85ml requires 8.5g of product.

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