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May 04, 2020

Our Home Town

An amazing place combining mountain and sea. A place where you can feel the fresh breeze of air, the warm sand on your feet, and the sun reflecting on the crystal blue waters.

Katerini is a city and municipality in northern Greece, the capital city of the province of Pieria in Central Macedonia, Greece. A popular tourist destination in northern Greece, Katerini is close to the sea (7 km) and to several archaeological sites of great interest such as the ancient city of Dion (5th century BC, 17 km away), the ancient Leivithra (27 km away) and the Castle of Platamon. The beaches of Korinos, Paralia, and Olympiaki Akti are visited by both Greek and foreign tourists during the Summer. The base of Mount Olympus and the town of Litochoro, is at a distance of around 20 km from the center of Katerini, whereas there is the Ski center of Elatochori in Mount Pieria at a distance of 33.4 km from the city's center. 

Paralia Katerinis’ is our home town, in Greekseller.com. As you can see in our story that is where we started 25 years ago, and we are still here. Supporting our towns’ culture, people, and producers. On our website you can find products from local businesses, like loukoumi, nuts, wine, and ouzo. We value our partners and support quality products. As we also value Greek products and our countrys’ amazing authenticity! We are bringing our hometown to you, along with these great tastes. 

Here is some interesting information about Katerini, Pieria:  

  1. Katerini is located near several villages which are renowned for their high-quality products. In particular kiwis and cherries are one of the more important productions in the region, as well as strawberries. There is also the cultivation of tobacco in the region and a lot of people spend considerable resources on its development and for exports of the product. 
  2. Its climate is mainly of Mediterranean type with hot summers and cool winters. Severe winter weather is common in the central and western parts of Pieria, especially in the Pierian Mountains and on Mount Olympus. 
  3. The name Pieria has been connected to Homeric πῖαρ "fat", πίειραν ἄρουραν "fertile land" in a metaphorical sense. 
  4. The Olympus Festival is hosted every year, where famous artists perform in Dion and many other places. Ancient theater, music and every kind of art are part of the Olympus Festival.  
  5. Mount Olympus is right next to Katerini, also known as the home of the Gods, because of Dodekatheon.  

Well, there are so many things we’d like to tell you about our home, but an article is not enough! We invite you to visit our amazing places, sunbathe, swim and enjoy the fresh air with the great view of Mount Olympus.  

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