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March 16, 2020

Greek Cuisine

Greek food belongs to the Mediterranean cuisine. It is kind of a base for the Mediterranean cuisine, actually! Well Greeks are known for their hospitality, happiness and as we mentioned before, warm hearts. We all know Greece is a heaven-sent place, and makes us Greeks who we are. Now, we believe that love in all its glory, is in in our food. It represents us. Colorful, full of taste, scents and the secret ingredient, love!

Well we got a little dramatic but don’t blame us... We are Greeks! Let’s now talk with facts. Greek food is really good for your health, as it is consisted of a lot of fruits and vegetables. It is full of vitamins needed to get you through the day. Also, fresh ingredients are basic for us, our cuisine is full of herbs and spices like oregano, basil and many more, for that reason.

Some of the most known Greek dishes are lentil soup, fasolada, ntolmades and moussaka. One of the coolest things about Greek food today is that it is still made and eaten the way it was thousands of years ago. Some recipes go way back in time, when Archestratus the Greek poet, wrote cook book.

To sum up, even though Greek cuisine gathered a whole lot of civilizations gathered in it, it has managed to become one of the healthiest cuisines. So greekseller.com, can bring you a taste of what Greek food is! If you can’t come to Greece, we’ll bring Greece to you!

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