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Halva Royal with cocoa, almonds and raisins | Olympos

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“Olympos” halva is an excellent Greek sweet based on the traditional recipe of the Papayiannis family and produced since 1949. Halva Royal is made of sesame paste and white caramel with the addition of raisins, almonds and cocoa.

It has always been a popular sweet due to its purely plant ingredients and the high nutritional value. It is also an ideal everyday dessert.

Halva “Olympos” is very tasty, nutritious and rich in proteins and calcium. All that makes it a perfect treat for all ages.


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✔️ Halva is a traditional Greek sweet made of made of tahini (sesame paste), white caramel (fondant) and chocolate. The typical Greek Halva cake in the exquisite chocolate and stevia version, natural sweetener with 0 calories.

✔️ Natural, unprocessed and without conservatives. Super-soft Greek snack. The primary ingredients in this confection are sesame butter or paste (tahini), and sugar, glucose or honey.

✔️ A high nutrition value snack rich in vitamins and RICH IN ANTIOXIDANT, PROTEIN, CALCIUM and FIBER.

✔️ The ideal dessert after dinner or dinner with coffee. A delicious VEGETARIAN and healthy treat suitable to all lifestyles, including VEGAN. GLUTEN FREE

✔️ Produced by Olympos, a family company based in Larissa producing Greek traditional products since 1949.

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